KM PR Range RIB's Ribs

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KÖSER MARINE offer high quality Products such as Special RIB Speed/ Working/ Rescueboats for following exercise:

  • Combat-Special Forces, Navy
  • Law Enforcement, Police, Customs
  • Patrol Operations
  • Coastguards Agencies
  • Search and Rescue
  • Fishery Protection
  • Offshore Oil Safety
  • Fast Attack, SEK
  • Superyacht tender

From Concept to Reality

We deliver Special Rib's from 4.2m up to and including 15.0m in overall length.
Crafts are produced in GRP, advanced Composites, Aluminium.or a combination of these. We can offer any engine and drive package and has no affiliations with any individual supplier. We deliver High Tec Equipment for rescue/ special forces and boarding operations.


Köser Marine create RIB Standards for the RIB market

  • Design & engineering
  • Fabrication / construction supervision
  • project management
  • Complete after sales service

Highly sophisticated computer aided engineering suite facilitates accurate development of conceptual designs right up to the start of the production process without the need for prototypes. Ideas can be fully investigated using clever 3-dimensional modeling techniques which allow the client to visualize and interact with the product.


All interferences and failings can be identified and overcome and the project proven in a virtual design format ensuring that the client does not purchase a 'guinea pig' product.

This service also allows us to support its clients in the acceptance of new concepts into the marketplace especially where radical new working practices have to be accepted before commitment to a project can take place; taking your idea from concept to reality.

Experienced engineers available worldwide for servicing and maintenance.


Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.

Koppelberg 10
24129 Kiel , Germany
Fon +49 431 39 92 99 0