Köser Marine GmbH, Koppelberg 10, 24159 Kiel

Garage service: Repair, overhaul and maintenance for all components

Holistic support for our products is a matter of course at KÖSER MARINE. Our garage team is very familiar with all makes and their individual requirements and manufacturer specifications. This includes all components and vehicle types - from SUP and leisure boats to RIB inflatable boats and special boats for commercial use. KÖSER MARINE also has special expertise in hypalon, PVC and polyurethane hoses.

Garage service include:

  • Engine service
  • Spare parts service
  • Installation and assembly work
  • Metalwork
  • Repair work and re-bonding of the fender hose
  • Material repairs (GRP/Hypalon/PVC)
  • Maintenance of the installed electrical system
  • Painting and foiling
  • Antifouling
  • Leak detection
  • Retube Hypalon Hose Renewal
  • professional cleaning
  • Restoration for resale

KÖSER MARINE has excellent expertise in boat engine service. We maintain, assemble and repair boat engines reliably, promptly and according to manufacturer specifications. Every action is subject to the strict guidelines of our quality management. Our workshop team has routine experience in the following boat engine-related tasks, among others:

  • Motor assembly
  • Repair and replacement of engine components
  • Oil change
  • Circuit adjustment
  • Gearbox repair
  • Compression test
  • Dethrottling
  • Carburetor adjustment and cleaning
  • Impeller change
  • Optimization of the valve clearance
  • Repair of the electronic components
  • Winterization

We will see to it that you can get back on the water as quickly as possible.